La Muñeca Y Los Muertos

We are a California Indie Ska band based in the Sacramento/San Francisco Bay Area. Our members include husband and wife team Muñeca Osorio and David Simon-Baker as witty and whimsical songwriters/guitarists/vocalists, Kristin LoBianco on the killing bass, Nick Lee with his mighty trombone and smashing drums by Matt Cohen.

Highlights: La Muñeca y Los Muertos have played numerous shows in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles. They have shared the stage with bands such as The Aggrolites, Monkey, La Plebe, Fredalba, Outernational!, La Banda Skalavera, Justify, Upground, Lateef, Carne Cruda and The Uptones. They have also been musical guests on San Francisco’s 87.5 FM Pirate Cat Radio89.5 FM KPOO, and on Santa Cruz’s The Idle Hands Television Show.

How it began…

With an unyielding desire to contribute songs of substance to her favorite music genre, Muñeca embarked on a mission to write Ska songs that would uplift her spirits when most needed. After putting together some haphazard shows in LA while residing there for a short stint, music producer and long time love, David Simon-Baker, took interest in Muñeca’s ambitions. Soon after she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to deepen her relationship and focus on songwriting development with Dave. Over the course of the following 10 years, they formed the band known as La Muñeca y Los Muertos, performed throughout the Bay Area, produced their debut album Estrella, and tied the knot. Now they have built their own production music recording studio on their country homestead where they continue to song write and produce music while also supporting other emerging indie bands and artists with their music endeavors.

La Muñeca y Los Muertos


Pronounced: la moon-yeh-ka ee los moo-air-toes  Spanish Translation: The Doll & The Dead

Blend one part ska with one part punk, add a Latina twist and you have got yourself the rockin’ alternative sound known as La Muñeca y Los Muertos. Osorio’s songwritings are vivacious journeys of self-discovery and self-encouragement. Finding her inspiration in nature, positivity and in the appreciation of life and love. Some of their musical influences include The Specials, Jimmy 2 Times, Oingo Boingo, Madness and The Pixies.