March came and went so fast for me. With the whirlwind of global events and disasters, I started taking a closer look at my everyday choices. How I contribute and participate with the world I’m a part of…  so I decided to start a garden project. I spent most of the month creating raised garden beds, shoveling compost and writing lyrics in my head as I worked out in the sun. Hopefully, as my seeds start to sprout and grow into healthy plants, these songs will also grow and work their way into our set within the coming months.

Our Next Show

Next Friday we have an exciting show for you lined up at the all ages non-profit music and dance community center Ashkenaz in Berkeley.  Tickets are $10, come “Skank Your Taxes Off” or if you are like us you are skanking an extension! Here is the line up: Friday April 15 2011 – doors open at 8:00pm – All Ages Ashkenaz 1317 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley Ca. 8:30-9pm Punk Funk Mob 9:15-9:45pm La Muñeca y Los Muertos 10-10:30pm The Agent Deadlies 10:45-11:15 The Impalers 11:30-12am+ Monkey

Fun Extras

filmIf you enjoy documentaries, recently I’ve watched these and felt they were inspiring in one way or another. If you have time, check them out! Collapse,   GasLand,  No Impact Man   gardenAlso if you are a gardener or would like to start a garden, here are some online sources for getting non-gmo organic heirloom,, and  

More For You

twitterA little bird told me…. more than spring is in the air! Find me on twitter and give me a tweet! Here’s mud in your eye, — Muñeca cats-playing “The best audience is intelligent,  well-educated,                                            and a little drunk.” 

— Alben William Barkley