In SO many ways! We show it to ourselves each time we choose to write our new story, celebrating our ability to evolve, allowing ourselves to recognize love and how we demonstrate love for others. AND we aspire to show it in return more than just in one day in Feburary! Hoping that this month brings you time for reflection and affection!

Fun Extras

hippie-valentine-FHMDSB and I were asked to be the characters in a Valentine’s music video for a song written by our dear friend, Fast Heart Mart. “Hippie Valentine” directed, filmed and edited by Ally Bray. Hippie Valentine – Fast Heart Mart Music Video   hotpink-butterflyfrillies.com_ If you are looking for something sexy and classy, check out my sister Yuly’s company, Butterfly Frillies – Custom Victorian Corsets. She makes all the corsets herself with love in every stitch!    

More For You

Do you love internet radio? Here another fun one called The Sixty One that makes discovering new music and adventure. You can post comments on songs you like or favorite them by giving the a heart! Check out our page and show us your love! con cariño, — Muñeca   valentine  
“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” 

— Arthur Rubinstein