La Muñeca y Los Muertos is featured in Episode nine of the Taking the Lead podcast along with Go Jimmy Go, The Rudeness, The Sidewalks, Big D and the Kids Table. “Los Muertos” was selected as the closing track for Halloween’s podcast. Listen to the entire podcast here: Taking The Lead  “La Muñeca Y Los Muertos are a five piece ska outfit based in San Francisco, California. The English translation of the band name is, The Doll and the Dead. This quintet combines a unique blend of Latin vibes and traditional third-wave with lyrics sung in both English and Spanish. The band came together and formed in 2004. The members of La Muneca Y Los Muertos include Muneca Osorio (vocals, guitar), David Simon-Baker (vocals, guitar), Kristin LoBianco (bass), Nick Lee (trombone), and Matt Cohen (drums). The featured track on this episode is Los Muertos, off of the band’s newest release, Estrella.”
Photo by Deborah Martin Photography Make-up and Art Direction by Danny